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We want you to expand and that’s why we are there as a Professional Translation and Localization Company for all kinds of language barriers in your business. We refine your business from head to toe in order to make it tuned as per the international market needs.

Who Are We

We are a team of professionals who help in preserving languages and heritage around the globe, by constantly improving worldwide communication through our accurate, quick, affordable and reliable language services.

At Linguidoor, we toil to strengthen the ethics of intercultural respect in the businesses to develop opportunities for global expansion. Each day, we continue to grow vertically and thrive off of the global business challenges.

Our Company’s


At Linguidoor, we are a Professional Translation and Localization Company par excellence, whose services are noted for its superior quality and turnaround time. Our process involves not just translating the source text into target language, but also its cultural adoption.


To make ‘language’ an opportunity for everyone, not a barrier. To accomplish it, we starve regularly to originate a future, where anyone can communicate candidly, and convey their message in the way they want, in any language.


To enable our clients to attach with their audience of any region, where they want to reach- in over 100+ languages. We empower businesses around the globe in driving sustainable growth by being understood.

Our Story

As the world is moving towards globalization and getting more connected than ever before, Linguidoor aims to provide proficient linguistic and professional translation and Localization services to help your business grow out of the boundary limits. Linguidoor has achieved its goals by holding themselves to a standard that is no less than a complete perfection, within every aspect of their internal and external operations.

Linguidoor has achieved a great milestone of translating more than 10 million words in just two years, since its inception in 2018. Within a short span, Linguidoor has served major clients worldwide by mightily combining accuracy of expert native Translator with cutting-edge Linguidoor Technology in order to craft consistent quality translations flawlessly.

Being in the industry for almost 10 years, Rishi founded Linguidoor to succour businesses in the upcoming time of internalization. He has himself faced language barriers, being a foreigner in Germany. Therefore, his main aim behind establishing Linguidoor is, ‘No Language Barrier Should Stop Businesses from Expanding’.

Our Values


Shared goals, mutual support and keenness in our team mates have led us to a greater success in providing efficient service to our global clients.


We think and act with complete trust, transparency and honesty, embodying our integrity principles in both professional and personal life.


We maintain rigorous standards in all our tasks and provide an outstanding service which generates a success achieving result for our clients.


We address all types of international branding issue by looking beyond the obvious, and focusing on experimenting and revitalizing creativity.


We are committed to deliver on expectations and go the extra mile to make your global success count, and we proceed with a ‘can do attitude’.


We follow empathy as our core value which promotes our extreme commitment and uttermost cooperation in our tasks and workplace.

Our Team


Founder & CEO

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Head of Operations

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